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What Remains, by Jacqueline St. Joan

What Remains Cover Image OnlyArtist Statement: What Remains:

I believe the power of poetry lies in its play of time and memory with music and meaning. This collection presents traces of a life that was conceived at the end of World War II and has lived in its aftermath. Who are we? we ask, and scraps of experience rain down. Remnants are stored in the senses—the sound of a father’s clarinet running scales, inhaling ants along with fragrant peonies of childhood, the burn of racism in a mother’s recoiling touch. How to read the tea leaves of a public life? The dregs of a crime story after you’ve drained the glass and thrown the paper away? What is it that’s red on your fingers? And exactly who is petting the cat?


Sunday, October 23rd
2:00-5:00 PM

Ziggies Live Music

4923 W 38th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80212
Call (303) 455-9930
"To keep the highways clean and bother no being." --Lew Welsh